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Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Antalya resort

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Today the Antalya Archaeological Museum is one of the most prominent museums in the world. The museum received wide recognition not only for its exhibits, but also for the history of its origins.

In 1919, Antalya was occupied by Italian troops. Archaeologists began to arrive in the city, who hastily brought the antiquities discovered in the vicinity during excavations. When trying to send the collected collection back to their homeland, they argued that all this was necessary for the benefit of world civilization.

Suleiman Fikri Bey stood up to protect the historical and cultural heritage of Antalya – famous teacher and mentor of the last sultan who ruled the Ottoman Empire. For this, the teacher turned to the authorities of Antalya and asked to become a volunteer official for the protection of antiquity. Only thanks to his efforts, all the relics collected by Italians were able to stay at home, and later laid the foundation for the creation of the Archaeological Museum.

The first building in which the museum was located was the Alaeddin Mosque, which underwent restoration in 1922 ... Then the museum was transported to the Yivli Mosque. Due to intensive excavations carried out in the surrounding areas, the collection of the museum grew rather rapidly, and today the museum has already exhibited several thousand exhibits of antiquity.

In 1972, a new building was built in the city. After its reconstruction in 1982-1985, the Antalya Museum became one of the largest in Turkey, and later took its rightful place among the best museums in the world.

On an area of 7 thousand m 2 today thirteen exhibition halls are located, open galleries and a children's room. The exposition of the museum includes about 5 thousand works of art and 25 thousand artifacts stored in museum reserves.

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Antalya resort.Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Antalya resort

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