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New Athos. Recreation and entertainment

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Almost all the beaches of New Athos are pebble or medium pebbles. Near the station there are small beaches with small sandy pebbles.

A wide range of water and beach entertainment is also provided to the guests. Numerous bars, cafes and restaurants are operating.


Athos Beach


New Athos has a rather ancient history. The first mention of the city dates back to the 3rd century – at this time, Anakopia was already a major trading point. Archaeological excavations testify to the high level of material culture of local residents. In the 5th century, the Iverskaya fortress was built by the Abkhazians on the Iverskaya Mountain. Two centuries later, the outer line of the walls was added to the fortress.

At the end of the 8th century, Leon the Second – Abkhazian ruler, declared himself an independent king, taking advantage of the troubles that were taking place then in Byzantium. Under the king, the city received the status of the capital of the Abkhazian kingdom and remained it until the royal residence was moved to Kutaisi.

After the death of King Gregory the First in 1027, Princess Alda settled in Anakopia; his second wife, son Dmitry. After Dmitry left for Constantinople, the city was surrendered to the Byzantines.

In the 13-14 centuries a Genoese colony called Nikopsia existed in the city. Today, here you can see the preserved Genoese tower, which was previously part of the complex of coastal fortifications.

In the 17-18th centuries, there was a Turkish garrison in New Athos, but Turkish buildings have not been able to survive to our time.

In 1874, Russian monks arrived in the city, who in 1875 began construction ofNew Athos monastery at the foot of Mount Athos. In 1877-1878, during the Russian-Turkish war, the construction of the building was suspended. The construction was resumed again only in 1879. The construction of the building was completed by 1896.

In 1888, Alexander III visited the New Athos Monastery, in honor of which a chapel was built and the Tsarskaya Alley was laid out at the meeting place of the abbot of the monastery with the king. / p>

New Athos Monastery

In the 1890s, the city became a major religious center on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

At the end of 19 -st and early 20th century, a narrow-gauge railway was built on Mount Athos, one of the first power plants in Russia, a dam on Psyrtskhe, as well as cable cars to the peaks of Mount Athos and Iverskaya. Overgrown with bushes and swampy Psyrtskhi Valley was turned into a picturesque park with a system of ponds and canals. Later, the monks laid out beautiful orchards on the slopes of the mountains, where tangerines, apples, bananas and olives were grown.

From 1924 to 1994, the New Athos Monastery was closed by decree of the government of Soviet Abkhazia on `` counter-revolutionary agitation '', and throughout this period was used as a warehouse, a boarding house and a cinema. In 2001-2010, repair and restoration work was carried out in the monastery.

Since 1930, the State House was built in the city, where I.V. Stalin and many other leaders of the USSR. Today there is a museum and guided tours.

In 1992-93, during the Georgian-Abkhaz war, the city was badly damaged by shelling. At the same time, a battalion of the Abkhaz army was formed here, and a military hospital was also operating on the territory of the monastery.

In 2002, a memorial monument-museum was opened in the city dedicated to those who died during the Georgian-Abkhaz wars.

One of the city's main attractions isAnakopia Fortress, located on Mount Anakopia. The construction of the fortress walls began in the 7th century. In the 14th century, the Genoese built a four-story watch tower here. At the end of the 19th century, a stone road was laid to the fortress and chapels, cable car stations and hotels were built.


Anakopia Fortress

Also worth a visit in the citytemple andSimon Kananit's grotto,Genoa Tower,Church of the Intercession,Freedom Square,Battle Museum fame, etc.

From the natural attractions of the city, it is worth highlightingNew Athos cave , one of the largest in the country. The entrance to the cave was discovered by Givi Smyr in 1961. Since 1975, the cave has been open to tourists. The cave is located under the slope of the Iverskaya Mountain and is a large karst cavity.

The cave consists of 11 rooms of different heights and lengths – `` Anakopia '', hall of `` Cavers '', `` Olenya, Narta, Apkhertsa, Moscow, Givi Smyra, Apsny and others. In 6 of them daily excursions are held today. One hall of the cave was reserved for scientific work.

Since 1975, a railway has been operating in the cave, designed to transport tourists to the cave. The road works only during the holiday season (May-November).
designed to deliver tourists to the cave. The road works only during the holiday season (May-November).
designed to deliver tourists to the cave. The road is only open during the holiday season (May-November).

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