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Geography and climate in Pattaya

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Pattaya is the best beach resort in eastern Thailand. Just 20 years ago, only a few locals knew about this small fishing village surrounded by picturesque beaches. Today Pattaya is a popular resort in the Gulf of Thailand, located just two hours from Bangkok.

The city is located in the industrial zone of Thailand, but the industry is underdeveloped in it. The main activity of Pattaya is tourism. This resort has the best beaches on the east coast of the Chao Phraya River.

Pattaya local time: GMT +7 (+3 hours to Moscow).


Pattaya has a tropical climate. Conventionally, the seasons at the resort can be divided into 3 seasons:
  • Hot (March - May) - the air temperature during this period is above + 30 ° С;
  • Rainy (June - October) - the temperature reaches + 30 ° С. The season is accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds;
  • Cool (November - February) - the average temperature is +25 ... 30 ° С. Pattaya opens up to tourists. These days the weather is calm and sunny, the most comfortable for tourists.

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Topic: Geography and climate in Pattaya.Geography and climate in Pattaya

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