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Geography and Climate in Nagasaki

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Nagasaki is a small Japanese port city located on the western side of Kyushu Island, near Nagasaki Bay. The city is considered the administrative center of the prefecture of the same name, its area is 406.40 square kilometers, and the number of people living here exceeds 440 thousand people.

Nagasaki is located on two peninsulas - Nishi Sonogi and Nagasaki, and also neighboring the villages of Nagayo and Togitsu from the northeast side, with the cities of Saika   th on the north side and from Isahaya on the east side. From the south and west, the city is washed by the East China Sea.

Nagasaki is located around a rather long bay of the same name, surrounded by mountain ranges from the east, west and north. The city's historic center is in the coastal area to the east, while the residential areas of Mihara, Menoto, Sunao, Honbara, Kosima, Nasiyama, Koebaru, Inasa, Namesi and Nishimachi are located in the mountains. Due to this location, the city became famous in Japan as a “terrace city” or “city on the descent.”

Two rivers flow in the urban area, flowing into the waters of the local port - these are Nakajima from the northeast side and Urakami from the north side.

You can get to Nagasaki from the airport located in the suburb of Omura, as well as by buses, electric trams, from the seaport and via the railway. The city has a cable car leading to Mount Inasa.

The city of Nagasaki is located in a zone of monsoon subtropical climate, which is standard for the islands of Honshu and Kyushu. This is one of the most humid cities. Winter is sunny and dry here summers are predominantly wet and hot. During the year, about 1,678 millimeters of precipitation falls on the territory of the city. The climate is greatly influenced by the warm ocean current, due to which the difference between summer and winter is felt much less than in other cities of the island of Kyushu.

The average temperature of the summer season is + 28 ° C, the average temperature of the winter the season is +7 ° C, more and more snow falls in recent years.

Time in Nagasaki is 5 hours ahead of Moscow.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Nagasaki.Geography and Climate in Nagasaki

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