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Geography and climate in Istanbul

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Istanbul is not only a major seaport, the most important city and commercial and industrial center of Turkey, but also a popular resort located in the picturesque Bosphorus.

It is a unique city, divided into two parts, one of which is located in Europe and the other in Asia.

The European part of Istanbul is divided by the Golden Horn Bay, in turn, into the Old and New City.

In the Old The city has preserved many old buildings and streets, and the New City includes the port and business districts. There is an abundance of villas in the Asian part of the city.

Istanbul's time zone: GMT + 2 (- 1 hour from Moscow).


Istanbul's climate can be called moderate - soft. It is characterized by a large number of warm summer days, the average air temperature in which is +23 ° C, as well as long winters with a high frequency of precipitation.

The average monthly air temperature in January is +3 ° C. Snowfalls in these latitudes are relatively rare.

The average monthly water temperature in summer is +22 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Istanbul.Geography and climate in Istanbul

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