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Tivat. Recreation and entertainment

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Beach holidays

Tivat is one of the most picturesque towns in Montenegro, which is surrounded by a beautiful park of the Adriatic coast, created by sailors who brought exotic plants here from all over the world.

Coast around Tivat has excellent municipal and private beaches, as well as many small cozy coves with restaurants, bars and hotels. In addition, the Riviera Tivat includes three islands - St. Mark, Flowers and Virgin Mary.

3 kilometers from In the central part of the city, there is the Opatovo beach, which stretches along the coast for 220 kilometers. Here you can see a beautiful old lighthouse, which divides the beach into two equal parts. Relaxing on the beach is more than comfortable: there is a shower, a parking place and a cafe. Umbrellas and sunbeds are paid.

Just 1.5 kilometers from the city is Donja Lastva another pretty sandy beach, which is about 1000 meters long.

Between the city and the Verige Strait on Cape Selyanovo there is a beautiful sandy beach with picturesque interspersed rocks. The beach stretches along the coast for 1.7 kilometers. There are restaurants, parking, bars, as well as a small pier.

In the central part of the city, next to large hotels and along the promenade, there are the beaches of Zupa (500 meters) and Belane (150 meters). The beaches are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and pleasant stay. There are showers, bars, restaurants, parking spaces, cafes, and a picturesque landscape of pine and cypress groves stands in the background.

Oblatno beach is located near Radovichi. The beach is 150 meters long. The wild forest gives this place a special appeal, although the beach itself is quite civilized, there is a shower room, toilet, sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as a cozy little cafe.

In the vicinity of the city you can also find a pebble beach - Krasici, stretching along the coast for 1.5 kilometers. There are four bars on the beach: Poseidon, Prince, Paradise and Zanzibar.

2 kilometers from Tivat, on the Island of Flowers, there is a beautiful equipped beach, which, stretching for 1200 meters, bends around the whole island.

Not far from the Island of Flowers there is a city beach Kalardovo, which is ideal suitable for a great holiday with children. There are sports grounds, picnic areas, parking, as well as cafes and restaurants.

One of the most beautiful beaches of the Tivat Riviera is the Plavi Horizonti beach, located in the Przno valley. The healing soft sand, pine forests and olive groves give this place a special atmosphere. The beach is only 300 meters long.

Diving is also popular at the resort. There are two diving centers here: Neptune-Mimosa, founded in 1993, and Rose which has its own beach and marina.



Every year throughout February, the resort hosts carnivals and masquerades to celebrate the traditional seaside festival. In the second half of February you can also visit the fantastic Bokel Night. In May, the city hosts two events: Zhuzhenitsa Fest and Youth Day.

At the end of July and until the beginning of August in Tivat hosts Purgatorije - the festival of Mediterranean art. All kinds of exhibitions are open in the city at this time, theatrical performances and concerts are held.

On the first Saturday of August, the Lastovsky fest is held in Gornja Lastva. The festival program consists of a dinner at the mill, concerts and exhibitions.

In November, the city hosts November Culture Days, during which theatrical performances, exhibitions and concerts are organized.

Sightseeing and tourism

The modern city complex Renaissance Buce is the summer residence of the Buce family. This luxurious palace was made in the spirit of the Renaissance. The building houses a summer theater, gallery and cinema. Exhibitions, screenings and presentations are often held here.

One of the most frequently visited temples in the city is the Church of St. Anthony of Padua. This temple, located on a hill, is notable not only for its stunning architecture, but also for a magnificent view of the Bay of Kotor.

The city is also home to many museums, of which the most notable is the Museum of Local Lore, as well as a large number of art galleries.

Island of Flowers is the most popular tourist destination. Here you can see the ruins of the Monastery of St. Michael, which since the 13th century was the residence of the Zeta - an Orthodox metropolitan.

On the island of the Virgin there is a monastery of the Order of the Jesuits, founded in the 17th century, which was destroyed and rebuilt in the 20th century. The monastery has a Church of the Virgin.


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