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Riga. Recreation and entertainment

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The most interesting excursions await tourists in the area of Old Riga.

Riga Dome Cathedral is considered one of the symbols of the city. It is the largest medieval cathedral in the Baltic states. Belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. The main attraction of the cathedral is the magnificent large organ.

In one of the parts of the cathedral, you can go to the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation. This is one of the oldest museums in the capital. The museum was formed back in the 18th century and includes about five hundred thousand exhibits that clearly tell about the history, culture and life of Riga, and a large collection of items related to the history of Latvian navigation is also collected here.

Riga Dome Cathedral is located on Dome Square - one of the largest squares in the Old Town in the capital. In addition to the cathedral, you can see the Riga Stock Exchange, the building of the Latvian Radio and the brass rondo, informing that Riga is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Other famous sights of Old Riga are the Lutheran Gothic St. Peter's Church with a 65-meter spire and the St. James Cathedral, which is considered the main Catholic church in the country. interesting architecture (brick Gothic) and stained glass windows.

It is interesting to visit the excursion to the House of the Blackheads, an architectural monument of the 16th century located in the city center and the Reitern House is an architectural masterpiece of the late 17th century.

The legendary building Houses with black cats, built at the beginning of the 20th century in the center of Old Riga, arouses great curiosity among tourists. The building is decorated with turrets with black cats symmetrically located on them. Every guide must tell about the legend associated with this house.

It is certainly interesting to see Riga Castle - the residence of the President of the country, located on the banks of the Daugava River. This building is considered one of the most significant in the history and culture of the capital. On its territory there are museums of Latvian history, foreign art, literature, music and theater.

A military Powder Tower, which once served to fortify the city, has survived in Riga. and now it houses a branch of the country's War Museum.

The capital has its own Statue of Liberty. It was built in honor of the fighters for the independence of Latvia and is a symbol of the country's independence.

Not far from the Statue of Liberty there is an Orthodox church - Nativity of Christ Cathedral.

Riga TV Tower is considered the tallest building in the Baltics, in height it follows the Ostankino and Kiev TV towers.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to architectural complexes Swedish Gate, Three Brothers, Yakovlevsky Barracks, Convention Court, Yanov Court, Latvian Academy of Sciences building, built in the style of Stalinist skyscrapers, Riga Central Market - one of the oldest in Europe, as well as Laima clock.

From museums in the capital of Latvia it is interesting to look at the Latvian Museum of Architecture, the Art Museum, the Latvian Sports Museum, the Museum of the History of Medicine named after Paula Stradia, Latvian Museum of Photography, Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Museum of Railway History, Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, Wax Museum, Riga Film Museum and Riga Ghetto Museum.

In the Ethnographic Museum - an open-air museum, which is located at Lake Jugla, you can see mills, farms, churches, fishermen's buildings. They were collected from four provinces of Latvia.

B Riga Motor Museum is home to a unique collection of more than a hundred cars of popular brands produced in different years. There are cars of famous historical figures on display.

The oldest park in the city is Vermanes Park, founded in the 19th century, where you can see the monuments of Ebel-Verman, the chess genius, the Marquis Paulucci, photographer Karlis Padegs and other equally interesting monuments ... Other Riga parks: Ziedondarzs, Kronvalda Park, Esplanade and Viestura Garden, founded by Peter I. Riga also has its own zoo.

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