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Abdeen Palace in Egypt, Cairo Resort

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Abdin Palace was built in the 19th century. It is made in the style of the palaces of European families of monks. Prior to the construction of this palace, the Egyptian rulers lived in the Citadel.

The palace complex was built in 1863. It occupied 12 hectares of land. From 1872 to 1952, the palace housed the residence of the ruler of Egypt. In 1952, after the overthrow of the tsarist regime, the palace became the property of the president. However, it turned out to be abandoned, and its restoration began only in the 1980s.

Soon a museum was opened in the palace complex. It contains samples of weapons donated by Stalin, personal weapons of the dynasty of Muhammad Ali and other exhibits. One of them is completely unique – it is the sword of the Emperors of Rossi. King Farouk bought it out in one auction.

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Topic: Abdeen Palace in Egypt, Cairo Resort.Abdeen Palace in Egypt, Cairo Resort

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