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The best water parks in Turkey

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Turkey is a very popular tourist destination. There are many hotels and resorts, and everyone is trying to attract tourists in every way. Water parks in Turkey are fun entertainment for children and adults. We will consider the largest and most interesting.

  • Lykia Wald in Fethiye
  • Dedeman in Antalya (closed)
  • Aqualand in Antalya
  • Water planet in Alanya
  • Selania in Alanya
  • Water world in Kemer (closed)
  • Dol Su in Kemer
  • Atlantis in Marmaris
  • Adaland in Kusadasi
  • Aquafentesi in Kusadasi
  • Troy in Belek
  • Dedeman in Bordum

Lykia Vold in Fethiye

A good water park, loved by tourists at the expense of the Russian-speaking staff. Particular attention is paid to children - a huge town"Children's Paradise" with slides, swimming pools and an interesting interior. There is an area with sun loungers for a relaxing break and the opportunity to go parasailing, water skiing and surfing. There are also larger attractions, but they are open only from ten to sixteen with an hour break at 12.

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Topic: The best water parks in Turkey.The best water parks in Turkey

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