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Monastir. Recreation and entertainment

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Those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city rest in Monastir. This place is great for a family vacation. But even fans of parties will like the resort - there are many discos, nightlife and other entertainment.

Near the northern part of Monastir there is a resort area of Skanes, which stretches along the sea coast for 6 km. There are many hotels here, the most comfortable of them are located within the city. Getting to Monastir from there is not a problem, just take a taxi or take a “tourist train” running along the coast.

Most of the restaurants, shops and cafes are located in the city center.

Monastir offers sailing opportunities - it has its own yacht club.

scuba diving - there is a diving center in the Pleasure Port ... Although these places are not particularly interesting for experienced divers. But training is provided for beginners. The bottom in the coastal waters of Monastir is not very deep - from 5 to 15 meters. Even those who dive with a mask will be able to see the unusual terrain and underwater inhabitants, for example, sponges and sea stars.

The city has a modern golf club Route de Ouerdanine since 18 holes - the second largest in the country, and a riding school operates in Skanes.

Many thalassotherapy salons are open in Monastir, the prices for services of which are quite reasonable.

The city has a amusement park"Adam Park".

The residents of Monastir are very hospitable and friendly towards tourists.



The buildings of the city are built in an unusual architectural style, thanks to which they have become the backdrop for many films.
  • Ribat Hartem - a structure built for defense in 796.

  • Islamic Museum - located in the oldest part of Ribat. Here you can see an exposition of ancient fabrics, manuscripts, glass and clay products, a collection of coins, as well as many other antiques.

  • Mausoleum of Khabib Bourguiba - the building is located at the northern end of the Muslim cemetery, where the most honorable people are buried. A beautiful building topped with golden domes. Erected in 1963, President Habib Bourguiba and his entire family are buried here. Monastir is the birthplace of the late President.

  • The Great Mosque. Located in the southern part of Ribat. Erected in the 9th century, later completed.

  • Medina - surrounded by fortress walls that have recently been restored.

  • Museum National Movement. Located in the house where Habib Bourguiba was born. Here you can see an exhibition dedicated to the history of the struggle for freedom and independence of Tunisia.

  • Bourguiba Mosque is a 41 meter high mosque, built in 1963. The prayer hall can accommodate about a thousand people.

  • Costume Museum - located in the building of the tourist office, which contains a collection of wedding dresses from all over Tunisia.

  • Congress Palace is a theater building that sometimes hosts international congresses.

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Topic: Monastir. Recreation and entertainment.Monastir. Recreation and entertainment

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