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Khao Lak. Recreation and entertainment

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Khao Lak is a relatively young resort, the main goal of which is preservation of pristine wildlife. On its territory there are three national reserves. Even the hotels of the resort are built in such a way as not to disturb the eco-structure of the island.

The shores of the resort are literally dotted with clean beaches with white warm sand. This makes the island a tourist paradise.

Khao Lak is an ideal place for diving. Natural rock formations will appeal to those who like to explore the rocks from the inside. If you want to feel at one with nature, then rent bungalows, which are installed on most beaches.

Not inhabited are located not far from Khao Lak Similian Islands. They are among the ten most beautiful islands in the world. The resort's animals are gullible and not afraid of humans.



Among the attractions of Khao Lak are the Similian Islands with their wild and untouched nature. There are nine islands in total, and each of them has its own characteristic features. All of them are under the protection of the Thai government.

The west coast has its own underwater gardens. At a depth of 30-40 meters, you will find whole bouquets of underwater corals, and if you are lucky, you will also see a rare species - soft corals that look like a peacock's tail.

The east coast of the resort has mountainous terrain, which is presented in the form of round and smooth stone massifs. This place is ideal for snorkeling. Here you can also find a rare leopard shark for the underwater world. But don't gaze at her beauty, she never puts a little caution.


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Topic: Khao Lak. Recreation and entertainment.Khao Lak. Recreation and entertainment

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