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Sousse. Recreation and entertainment

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Sousse attracts tourists due to its pleasant climate, moderate beauty, well-developed tourist infrastructure and hospitality of local residents.

Rest here is best suited for fans of nightlife or outdoor activities. The resort is famous for its vibrant nightlife, an abundance of restaurants, clubs and casinos. But lovers of a quiet family vacation in Sousse will also like it.

The resort area Port El Kantaoui is adjacent to the northern part of Sousse. There is an artificially created harbor for yachts, a 27-hole golf course, a zoo, a amusement park and water park.

Sandy beaches Sousse are among the best in Tunisia.

25 km from the city, in the small town of Hergla, there is a entertainment complex called "Hergla Park", where a race track for karting and attractions.

The most famous of the gambling establishments is the casino"Caraibe". Here you can not only play, but also just sit in the bar, watch an entertaining show, listen to live music. Only persons over 21 are allowed to enter - they check their passport.

There are many discos in Sousse. The most visited of them are “Samara King” and “Maracana”. There are several large thalassotherapy centers in the city, such as Hasdrubal Talassa and Abou Navas Boujafar.

The best cafes and restaurants are located on site Port El Kantaoui.

It is worth visiting the Ice Cream House, where you can taste over a hundred varieties of this cold delicacy. Here it is called Casa Delgelata.

Not far from the city there is a botanical garden, which is home to more than 25,000 diverse flora.

A favorite place for walking is the fountain in the central square.

In August, Sousse hosts the D'Ossu festival, accompanied by carnival parades.



Sousse is home to many well-preserved or restored attractions.
  • Ribat is a fortress-monastery, the construction of which began in 780 and finished in 821.

  • Mdina. The old part of the city, surrounded by walls 2 and a quarter kilometers long and 8 meters high.

  • Kalef al Fata is a 30 meters high tower, erected in 859. At one time, it served as a beacon. Now you can climb it and view the city from above.

  • Sousse Museum - the most beautiful collection of mosaics in the world is collected here.

  • Kasbeh Fortress - the archaeological museum is located here.

  • Catacombs. They are located in the western part of Sousse, once they served as a necropolis for pagans.

  • La Soffra - underground cisterns with a capacity of 3,000 cubic meters of water.


Travel Tips

Souvenirs are best purchased at oriental bazaars. They can be products made of olive wood and leather, silver, gold, bronze and copper, dresses, carpets, antiques and shoes.

Most shops are closed on Sunday. On weekdays, they are open from 9 to 19:00, with a lunch break from 12 to 14 hours.

It is forbidden to photograph police officers and objects with the country's flag, as well as women in burqa.

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Topic: Sousse. Recreation and entertainment.Sousse. Recreation and entertainment

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