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Hammamet. Recreation and entertainment

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Hammamet - the very first tourist center in the country. The resort area of the city stretches for 14 km along the sea. There are nice and clean sandy beaches.

This is a more conservative resort than, for example, Sousse. But those who like not to sleep at night will also like it here: the city has a whole"discotheque zone" - two perpendicular streets of restaurants, bars, cafes and discos. The most famous disco in Hammamet is Oasis.

Many tourists who choose Hammamet as a holiday destination want to combine a pleasant pastime with healing or rejuvenating treatments. This is possible thanks to the abundance of thalassotherapy centers. The largest of them (both in the city and in the country) is called Bio Azur, it has 54 rooms, a room for inhalation, a seawater pool with a wide variety of water massages, a Turkish bath, a"boiling" bath, and a special diet restaurant.

In the northern part of Hammamet there is a water park"Flipper". It is located right on the beach. There are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, eateries and bars around it.

Hammamet-Yasmine will delight guests with an amusement park called Carthageland.

The largest Golf Club Tunisia, Golf Citrus, is located in Hammamet. Golf lovers can play 45 holes here.

The town has a horse riding school and a indoor ice rink.

Phrygia - an unusual zoo, more like a South African reserve. Animals live in spacious open-air cages, tourists watch them from special passages above the open-air cages.

Hotels in Hammamet are better than across the country. Here you can choose from a 15-year-old building with good conditions, or a brand new hotel.

Many hotels offer additional services. Some are thalassotherapy, others are water slides.

Casino can be found in the southern part of the city.

On the open stage of the International Cultural The Center (former villa of the millionaire Georg Sebastian from Romania) hosts an annual arts festival, which attracts participants and spectators from all over the world.



Among the attractions of Hammamet, the most famous are:
  • Medina - the old part of the city, built in 904, surrounded on all sides by a wall. There is a market here.

  • The Great Mosque is a 15th century building restored in 1972.

  • Abdel Qader Mosque - Currently used as a school where the Qur'an is taught.

  • Kasbah. It is worth visiting for the museum and the beautiful views of Hammamet.

  • The Old Fortress - built in the 16th century, located on the seashore.

Tips for tourists

It is recommended to settle in the central or northern part of the city, otherwise you risk spending your vacation next to the construction site - Hammamet is actively expanding to the south.

Earthenware and carpets will be good souvenirs. If the price of goods is not indicated, then you can bargain.

Be sure to wear sunglasses, it is better to be in the shade from 11 to 4 pm.


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Topic: Hammamet. Recreation and entertainment.Hammamet. Recreation and entertainment

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