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Geography and climate in Bielolasica

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Geography and climate

The Belolasica ski resort is located at the highest point of the Velika Capela highlands, 27 kilometers from the town of Ogulin and an hour's drive from Rijeka or Zagreb.

The resort is located on an altitude of 620 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountain ranges, the most famous peaks of which are Kula (1534 meters) and Bijel (1335 meters).

You can get to the Belolasitsa resort from Moscow, Aeroflot airlines three times a week makes charter flights to Zagreb.

The climate in the resort during the ski season is snowy and cool, the average temperature in January is -5 ... +10 ° C.

The air temperature in August is + 13 ... + 18 ° С.

Time zone: GTM + 1 (-2 hours to Moscow)


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Topic: Geography and climate in Bielolasica.Geography and climate in Bielolasica

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