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Melk. Recreation and entertainment

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ImageHere are the images of the emperors of Austria – Habsburgs and Babenbergs. The Imperial Apartments are located west of the stairs.


Library in Melk Abbey

Currently, the imperial apartment houses a museum, the theme of the exhibition is: The path from the past to the present - Melk monastery history and modernity. This exhibition tells about the modern life of the monastery and its history, and also demonstrates the masterpieces of art belonging to the abbey.

In 1978, the monastery underwent restoration.

In addition to the imperial apartments, tourists have the opportunity to visit the library and the Marble Hall with frescoes. Both of these rooms are made in the Baroque style.

In addition, the monastery has an interesting terrace from which you can admire the Danube River and the city center.


Baroque Melk Abbey Church

The Baroque church remains the main attraction of the monastery thanks to the participation of such greats as Lorenzo Mattilli, Giuseppe Galli-Bibina, Paul Troger, Johann Michael Rottmayr and Antonio Beduzzi.

In the middle of the 18th century, a park was laid out at the abbey. Nowadays linden trees grow in it, which are more than 250 years old.

In addition to the abbey, the city has such sights as the central town hall, on which the fountain of St. Koloman, the remains of the wall that previously protected the city, the parish church and the post office, built in the classicism style.

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Topic: Melk. Recreation and entertainment.Melk. Recreation and entertainment

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