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Information about Yalova resort in Turkey

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Thermal springs, which are the main local attraction, once served as the reason for the foundation of the city. Back in the 3rd millennium BC, these places were chosen by representatives of the ancient people of the Khets. Later, the territory passed to the Phrygians, then to the Greeks, who founded the city of Pythia on the site of the present Yalova, and, finally, to the Romans. After the division of the Roman Empire, Pythia ceded to Byzantium. I must say that during the times of both Greek and Roman rule, the springs were actively visited by emperors and were reputed to be miraculous: it was believed that the patrons of these places were Hercules - a symbol of health and Asclepius - the god of medicine, and the waters themselves were inhabited by nymphs. In the 14th century, Pythia was captured by the Ottoman Turks, and now Dervish has become the patron saint of mineral geysers. allegedly walking around Yalova and with a loud voice turned the hearts of people to the teachings of the Prophet. Beliefs and legends have accompanied the gorge since the day of its discovery by people, as well as the incessant beneficial effect of hot water.

Now the territory of the famous gorge belongs to the Yalova Thermal complex, which includes three hotels, indoor and outdoor pools, the so-called"sultan" baths, massage rooms, gyms, tennis court, sauna, as well as several bars and restaurants. Treatment at Yalova Thermal is recommended for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, patients with diabetes, arthrosis, asthma and other diseases. The botanical garden of the complex deserves a special mention.Visiting which you can safely tell your friends, that you have examined absolutely all the outlandish plants of Turkey and breathed in the famous"mountain" air. Access to the garden is open to all patients and visitors of Yalova Thermal.


The water temperature in outdoor pools reaches 40 °, and in some even 60 °. Such open baths in winter, when the surrounding trees are covered with a thick layer of snow, and the water in the springs is still hot, are a spectacle to the imagination. The local water (which, incidentally, you can also drink) contains fluorides, calcium sulfate, sodium chloride and many other compounds that have a beneficial effect on human health. The complex of therapeutic measures itself consists of a complex sequence of various kinds of massage, bathing, taking baths and visiting baths and saunas.

In addition to the springs and springs, Yalova has other attractions, for example, a small house where Mustafa Ataturk himself stayed -"the father of the Turkish nation". At one time, Ataturk appreciated all the charm of Yalova and in many ways contributed to the fact that the town forgotten by the Prophet became one of the best international resorts. Yalova is also rich in natural sights. So, the nearby waterfall"Seven Ponds" is especially popular with tourists who are tired of lying in hot and salty water all day long."Seven Ponds" is known not only for its beauty, but also for its unique diversity of flora: many trees and plants no longer grow anywhere in Turkey.


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