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National Gallery of London, UK Resort London

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The London National Gallery is one of the most famous and visited museums in the world. More than 2,300 samples of Western European painting of the 13th-20th centuries are kept here. The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square, and the paintings are organized and presented in chronological order.

The gallery was opened in April 1839, but it is also considered to be the date of its foundation in 1924, in which the Angerstein collection of 38 paintings was bought, which became the center of the future museum. The collection consisted of five landscapes by Claude Lorrain, Rubens' Abduction of the Sabine Women, William Hogarth's Fashion Marriage series, Venus and Adonis by Titian, The Resurrection of Lazarus by Sebastiano del Piombo, A Village Festival by David Wilkie and others ... From day one, the gallery was housed at No. 100 Pall Mall. Soon the collection was replenished with new paintings:"Landscape with the Castle of the Walls" by Rubens,"The Blind Violinist" by Wilkie,"St. George" by Tintoretto,"Holy Family" by Andrea del Sarto,"Holy Family" by Titian,"Woman Bathing in a Stream" by Rembrandt and others; by 1831 there were already more than a hundred paintings in the collection.

Due to the rapid growth of the gallery, it became necessary to build new premises. Construction began on Trafalgar Square in 1831 and was completed by 1838. Then the gallery was solemnly opened to visitors. The collection of the gallery was constantly replenished: according to the will of Lord Farnbrew in 1838, the gallery received about ten canvases, according to the will of the artist Joseph Turner in 1851 - 300 of his paintings and more than 19 thousand watercolors and drawings; in 1847 Robert Veron donated 156 paintings by English artists to the gallery. By 1875, the number of paintings in the National Gallery had reached a thousand. Over time, the collection has more than doubled.

During World War II, paintings from the gallery were transported and hidden in Wales, and every month one of the paintings was returned to London and displayed in the empty halls of the museum. In the first post-war year, all paintings were returned to London.

The National Gallery of London can be compared to the Louvre or the Prado, but, of course, the collection in London is much smaller. However, in view of the fact that the paintings for the London Gallery were collected and bought specially, all the leading trends of European painting are collected here most fully and in accordance with the chronology. Here you can see the genius creations of Botticelli, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Caravaggio, Velazquez, Rembrandt and many others.

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