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ImageLondon Zoo is the oldest public zoo in the world. It was founded in 1828 and was originally intended for the scientific work of the Zoological Society of London. The public was able to look into the zoo only 20 years later, when the expansion of its collection prompted the founders to open the zoo to the public. The zoo is located in central London, on the north side of Regent Park, West End. The zoo does not occupy a large area, but it has a fairly large collection of animals. It contains 700 species of animals, over 16 thousand individuals. The main exposition of the zoo includes pavilions for mammals, birds, a terrarium, an insectarium and an aquarium. Among the audience's favorites are felines: tigers, Asiatic lions, leopards; monkeys: gorillas, lemurs, little monkeys; as well as giraffes, hippos, porcupines, otters, meerkats and many other animals. One of the most popular exhibitions is the Gorilla House, where the gorilla family lives. There are other rare species of monkeys here - orangutans, tamarins, marmosets. Penguins who live in a beautiful pool are no less beloved by visitors. Moreover, the birds can be observed both from the ground and under water. The observation decks are distinguished by an interesting design, this is the merit of the Russian architect Berthold Lyubetkin. He designed the penguin pool back in 1934 and has been a true modernist attraction ever since. London Zoo has enclosures with recreated South American jungle environments where sloths and other primates have found shelter. And in the African part of the zoo, giraffes live, which can be seen very close to the observation deck. There are also zebras and African hunting dogs. Kangaroos, Emu ostriches, lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles have settled in the enclosures representing the Australian continent. The innovation of the London Zoo is the insectarium - a special pavilion where you can observe the life of insects. A large number of the most beautiful butterflies from the tropics live there. It is believed that the world owes the word aquarium to the London Zoo. The first aquarium appeared here at the very beginning of the zoo's existence. It contains 3 rooms. One of them is inhabited by rare species of fish and seahorses, in the second the coral reef is dissected by butterfly fish and amphiprions, and in the third dangerous inhabitants of the Amazon - stingrays and electric eels - have settled. One of the rarest animals kept in the zoo is pink pigeons, they are practically exterminated in natural conditions. Now the zoo conducts special breeding programs for 130 of the rarest animals.

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