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Safari Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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The safari park located in southern Bali is one of the most famous attractions not only of the island, but of the whole Indonesia, which tourists usually spend all day exploring. Actually the safari concept is designed in the park in accordance with all the rules: excursions are conducted by bus or SUV, and all animals are in natural habitat and behave accordingly (windows therefore sometimes you have to close).

The park is divided into several parts, each of which is highlighted geographically and has its own inhabitants. Llamas, antelopes, deer, zebras, bears, tigers, kangaroos, wild porcupines, pelicans, camels, the dragons of Komodo Island are just a short list of the animals living in the park. Most the inhabitants of the park are friendly to visitors, if this is not the case, then you you can always improve your opinion of yourself with something tasty: monkeys, for example, love bananas, and elephants will not give up carrots and may even sign thanks for a ride on your back. Most animals can be seen close, pet, feed and even take a picture: the greatest little lion cubs and cubs are popular, invariably leading lovers of memorable photographs in a state of ecstatic emotion. Tourists, thrill seekers can observe more dangerous animals: feeding meat to adult lions and tigers, as well as piranhas living in a large aquarium, collects many curious people every day.

On the territory of the safari park there is a so-called "Balinese theater" which itself is a major attraction. Tourists usually get to the theater in a day or two, having examined at least briefly, all the interesting places in the park. The repertoire of this unusual theater consists of several shows, the most memorable of which is"Bali Agung". Straight before your eyes, on a huge stage measuring 60x40 meters, a grandiose action - a theatrical performance of the life of Balinese kings and gods. IN the production is attended by about 150 people, about 40 dolls and several dozens of animals, including elephants. The breathtaking show includes elements traditional dances, local music combined with the most modern choreography and rhythms.

Fascinated by the extraordinary atmosphere of the safari park, tourists can stay in this interesting place for a longer time: right on the territory is a hotel that provides the most comfortable conditions for accommodation. If your time is limited, do not forget to stop by before leaving. to numerous souvenir shops and shops.

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Topic: Safari Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Safari Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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