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Wisma 46 in Jakarta Resort Indonesia

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Wisma 46 is a famous skyscraper located in Jakarta. The construction of Wisma 46 was completed in 1996, at that time, the skyscraper was the tallest building in the country. IN currently the palm belongs to the Indonesian TV tower, however, among its kind, the skyscraper is still in the lead: there are still skyscrapers higher than Wisma 46 not built. The height of the building together with the antenna is 262 meters, in the world Wisma high-rise buildings rating 46 is ranked 281.
The architectural style of the most famous tower in Indonesia can be defined as postmodern: the main components applied in the facade of the skyscraper is decorated with granite and glass. Visually Wisma46 somewhat resembles a huge vertically set case made of blue glass with rounded top, smoothly merging into the antenna, enclosed on both sides in granite about two thirds and open on the sides. I went to the construction of a skyscraper round (especially for Indonesia) sum of 132 million dollars, the building has 46 ground and two underground floors, the total area of which is about 140 m 2. The tower is equipped with 23 elevators with speeds up to 360 meters per minute. The building was designed by the notorious Zeidler Roberts, the same who is currently building the Trump high-rise hotel in Toronto. Wisma46 located in the very center of Jakarta, on the territory of the trade and financial complex KotaBIN. Most of the area is occupied by large banks, company offices, beauty salons, luxury shops and restaurants. also in the skyscraper houses several clinics and the International Club of Jakarta. Wisma 46 - one of the most famous buildings in Indonesia, widely known outside the country and reflected in the world's popular culture. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Wisma 46 in Jakarta Resort Indonesia.Wisma 46 in Jakarta Resort Indonesia

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