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Lore Lindou National Park in Indonesia

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Lore Lindou National Park is located on the Indonesian island called Sulawesi, in the central part of it. On the territory of the park, the total area of which is 2180 km2; lowland and mountain subalpine forests grow. The decision to establish three national park reserves on the spot was made by UNESCO staff in 1978, and four years later it was implemented. The most famous protected plants are Kanaga and Ylang-ylang. Among the animals that live only in this area, one can note the Tonka macaque, babirus, Sulawesian marsupial bear couscous, golden snakes and some types of frogs.

One of the symbols of Lore Linda are megaliths - stone figures depicting people, age which, according to scientists, are in no way less than 3000 years old. Purpose, and sometimes the method of creating megaliths is still not completely clear, but the mysterious sculptures are of undoubted interest, both for scientists and for tourists. The territory of the national park is carefully protected from human impact, but there are 117 villages on the border of Lore Lindu, the population of which belongs to the peoples of Kaili, Lore and Kulawi. Local residents are very good-natured towards visitors, so in the settlements you can not only get acquainted with the colorful descendants of the natives, but also buy souvenirs.

One of Lore Lindu's main problems is illegal logging and poaching. To overcome this situation, a joint Indonesian-German organization called STORMA, engaged in research and environmental activities, took control of the national park.

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Topic: Lore Lindou National Park in Indonesia.Lore Lindou National Park in Indonesia

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