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Orchid Garden in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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The Orchid Garden, located in Bali, near Sanur, was established in 1999 to preserve some of the rare orchid species native to Indonesia. Once the tubers of these flowers were valued in European countries for their weight in gold, and the orchid itself was considered a plant more beautiful, refined and refined than a rose. The orchid garden is located in the open air; here, on a relatively small area, several dozen species of orchids are grown, as well as philodendrons, aglaonems, caladiums and cordilins. Special attention should be paid to the unusually beautiful lotus pond, framed by lush thickets of bamboo and alocasia.

Entrance to the garden for one person will cost about $ 5, for a fee you can order an excursion accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide, who is not only will show you all the most interesting corners of the garden, but also tell you about the orchids themselves, their features, cultivation methods, history and legends associated with flowers. It is allowed to use a camera in the garden and it is strictly forbidden to pick any plants. This activity, however, makes little sense, since the garden has its own store, which can absolutely legally offer you almost any kind of orchid from those that grow here. In addition, in the store you can buy literature on plant breeding and care, seeds and seedlings, orchid honey, scented candles, jewelry and a huge variety of souvenirs. In addition to preserving the existing species of orchids, the priority goal of the garden staff is also the distribution of flowers, so there will be no problems with the export of plants, seeds or seedlings abroad.

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Topic: Orchid Garden in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Orchid Garden in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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