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Moomin country in Finland, Naantali resort

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Moomin country is a theme amusement park, dedicated to the fairy-tale characters of the works of the writer Tove Jansson. A park located on the island of Kylo, near the old town of Naantali, in the southwest Finland. A large 250-meter pontoon bridge leads from Naantali to the island. Of From the center of Turku to Naantali, buses run every weekend (no. 11 and 110). The road to Naantali takes about 20 minutes, and directly to the park Moomins can be reached on foot. You can also ride a special "Moomin train", which runs from the city center to the Land of the Moomins, and on on the way back, he brings passengers to the souvenir moomin shop.

All employees of the amusement park are dressed in costumes of the heroes of the books. They put on a variety of shows for visitors to the park, entertain children and are photographed with them. Among the most interesting objects of the park are Moomin house, labyrinth and"talking trees" - they always call the little ones visitors delight. There is also a theater where several times a day are held various performances in Finnish and Swedish.

The Moomin Country works from the first days of June to the end August. More accurate information is always presented on the park's website.

Tove Jansson's characters are very popular all over the world, and Japanese tourists find it very fashionable to hold weddings and other holidays here, in the Land of the Moomins.

On the neighboring island of Kylo there is another themed park - Vyaska's Island of Adventures dedicated to the Wild West. To visit both park, you need to purchase a combined two-day ticket. In winter, both of these the islands can be accessed freely.

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Topic: Moomin country in Finland, Naantali resort.Moomin country in Finland, Naantali resort

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