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Bunker in Austria, Berlin resort

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Bunker – A bomb shelter-museum in the center of Berlin, protected by the state.

The building of the bunker was built by the National Socialists in 1943. The 120 rooms of the five-story building are designed for 2500 people. The thickness of its walls – 2 meters, height – 18 meters. The bunker was captured by the Soviet army in 1945 and equipped as a military prison. Since 1949, a textile warehouse has been located here, since 1957 – dried fruit warehouse. In 1992 the bunker was rebuilt by Wolfram Neugebauer into the Hardcore Techno Club. Parties and discos were held here. In 2001, the bunker was acquired by Nippon Development Corporation GmbH, and in 2003, it was acquired by Christian Boros, a collector. He started a renovation, during which a penthouse was rebuilt on the roof of the bunker. The bunker also houses his art collection.


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Topic: Bunker in Austria, Berlin resort.Bunker in Austria, Berlin resort

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