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Battersea Power Station in the UK, London Resort

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Architecture is a captured moment of music. Confirmation of this phrase is the building of the London Battersea Power Station, well known to the large army of Pink Floyd fans. The fact is that the urban landscape with this gloomy structure was included on the cover of her 1977 album called Animals.

Now the Battersea power plant is an inactive structure that previously provided the residents of the northern bank of Teza with electricity. It appeared in the south of the city in the 30s of the 20th century. In the 50s, a second building was added to it, which was named Battersea B. During construction, 6 people died, which added color to the station's already oppressive industrial atmosphere.

The building owes its memorable design and four-deck layout to the architect Gilbert Scott, who designed the famous English red telephone booths, the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool and the Tate Modern building. The interiors of the power plant were created in the art deco style. Among other things, Battersea is one of the largest brick buildings in Europe - its area is more than three football fields. The height of the pipes of this station is also impressive - more than one hundred meters. This is due to the environmental requirements in the conditions of the location of the building near the city center.

Once the power plant was in great demand. With a capacity of 503 MW, it annually consumed billions of liters of water and about a million tons of coal. Battersea moved from industrial to cultural heritage in 1983, when her work was stopped. Since then, it has been a popular attraction among tourists and townspeople.

The station owes its success, oddly enough, to a large inflatable pig. In 1976, unsuspecting photographers gathered to capture the flight of a giant helium-filled pig. However, the cable holding it unexpectedly broke, and the twenty-meter carrier of the pink patch set off on a flight to London on its own unforeseen route. This is how the photo appeared that became the cover of Pink Floyd's album. If anyone is interested in the fate of the aeronautic pig, it landed safely in Kent, making, of course, a lot of noise.

The Battersea building was destined to participate in the creation of other cultural phenomena. Films"Help!" with the cult The Beatles,"Sabotage"   Alfred Hitchcock, Richard III by J. McKellen, Child of Man, The Dark Knight, episodes of Doctor Who, Lost, and sketches of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. A photo of the dispatch station appeared on the cover of one of the Hawkwind rockers' albums.

The modern building of the power station is being prepared for reconstruction. It may soon become an entertainment hub.

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Topic: Battersea Power Station in the UK, London Resort.Battersea Power Station in the UK, London Resort

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