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St Paul's Church in the UK, Birmingham Resort

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ImageSt Paul's Church is an Anglican church in Birmingham, UK. The church is included in the list of monuments of the 1st degree of importance. St. Paul's Church was built in 1777-1779. on the land donated by Charles Colmore from his new possessions. The church was popular with early Birmingham manufactory and traders, many of whom had their own chairs. The rectangular church is similar to London's St Martin-in-the-Fields. In 1823, Francis Goodwin added a spire to the church. Of particular interest is the east window of the church - an elegant enamel stained glass window created by Francis Eginton in 1791 as an altar painting. It is based on the work of Benjamin West, which depicts an episode from the life of St. Paul"The Way to Damascus". Today it is housed in the Dallas Museum of Art. St. Paul's Church has very good acoustics; for a long time various concerts have been held here. In 2012, the solo organ series Thursday Live, performed by organist and conductor Paul Carr, enjoyed particular popularity. The organ was first mentioned in 1830, when it was created by James Bishop. It was originally located in a gallery in the western part of the church. In 1838, the organ was enlarged: Banfield included a new side keyboard. In 1871 and then in 1897, it was expanded and rebuilt again. It was moved to its present location and significantly redesigned in 1927 by Conacher Sheffield and company. After the Second World War, caused by bombing and bad weather, by 1953 the organ fell into a deplorable state, the side keyboard was completely broken. The organ was again rebuilt in 1964. It is in this form that the organ exists today. In 1996, minor changes were made to its design. Today, mechanical and electro-pneumatic actions and decks of various coverage organically coexist in it. Also, the Church of St. Paul is famous for its bells, the first of which appeared here in 2005. Before that, there were three bells in the temple, which were used as service bells and for chimes. ImageImageImage

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Topic: St Paul's Church in the UK, Birmingham Resort.St Paul's Church in the UK, Birmingham Resort

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