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St Philip's Cathedral, UK, Birmingham Resort

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ImageSt Philip's Cathedral is a cathedral church in Birmingham, UK. This cathedral was built in 1715, due to the fact that the nearby church of St. Martin became too small to accommodate all the parishioners. It was during this period that Birmingham began to actively develop and expand. The site for the new church was provided by Robert Philip. The church is one of the highest points in the city; locals claim that it is at the same height as the cross on London's St Paul's Cathedral. Birmingham Cathedral was designed by Thomas Archer. The church has a distinct baroque imprint and significant Italian influence, due to the fact that Archer was in Rome while working on the project. The western tower of the cathedral was completed by 1725. As a token of gratitude to Robert Philip, the cathedral was consecrated in honor of the Apostle Philip. Many building materials and decoration elements were donated or delivered to the construction site free of charge. Since the end of the 18th century, the cathedral has collected an extensive library of theological and other literature. In addition, the Cathedral of Saint Philip contains a magnificent organ, created at the same time as the cathedral - in 1715. Of particular interest is the cathedral's stained glass windows by the artist Edward Burne-Jones. In 1905, St. Philip's Cathedral became a cathedral. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: St Philip's Cathedral, UK, Birmingham Resort.St Philip's Cathedral, UK, Birmingham Resort

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