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Santa Claus Village in Finland, Rovaniemi Resort

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Santa Claus Village is an amusement park in Lapland, Finland dedicated to Joulupukki (or Santa Claus). Located near the city of Rovaniemi. Traditionally, it is believed that Santa was born and lives in Lapland, in this village. Therefore, the park is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in Finland. The first tourist to visit the village of Santa Claus is Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt, who came here in 1950. A hut was built here in her honor, which you can visit today.

The largest flow of tourists to Santa Claus Village comes from Great Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, China, India and other countries. There are much fewer tourists from the United States, which is explained by the fact that in their tradition Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. In Russia, there is Santa Claus, who lives in Veliky Ustyug, but Santa Claus is perceived by his brother, a completely different character. European culture, in general, does not specify the place of residence of Santa Claus at all.

However, every year many letters come here with the signature"Finland, Santa Claus". And postmen know that such letters should be delivered to Santa Village in Rovaniemi. The secret workshop of Santa Claus is located in the Korvatunturi mountain, where it is impossible for an ordinary person to get there. Legend has it that Santa's office is located here because the earth's crust in this place is the thinnest, which means that Santa can control the rotation of the Earth and, therefore, time. This is how Santa Claus can visit all houses on the planet in one night and leave gifts.

Santa's office is open on Christmas Eve, you can take a picture with him. However, in order not to damage the clockwork under the thin earth's crust, visitors must walk along numerous hinged bridges. You can also order a congratulatory letter from Santa anywhere in the world. There are 11 language options for writing, including Russian.

The many gift shops in Santa Claus Village offer the finest Christmas gifts, traditional Lapland toys, Kagasniemi's handcrafted jewelry and more. In addition, cozy cafes and restaurants where you can eat deliciously are scattered throughout the village.

In the very center of the village there is a round square, where a white line is drawn - the line of the Arctic Circle, passing directly under the house of Santa. Nearby, there is a wooden post with direction signs to major cities.

Santa Claus Village can be reached by private car, train, plane, bus from Rovaniemi.

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