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Azamkirche in Germany, Munich resort

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Azamkirche – Munich church, built by the Azam brothers in 1733-1746. This church is a striking example of the late Baroque South German. Initially, the church was conceived as a chapel of the Azam brothers, who lived in Munich. Aegis Quirin in the period from 1729 to 1733   acquired several plots of land located next to his house, he built in 1733, together with his brother Cosmas Damian, the church of St. John of Nepomuk. The church was not built for the state, not to order, it was a private church. Therefore, the brothers built the church regardless of the possible whims of the customers. The church, although it was planned to be private, had to be opened to the public. It has seven confessions, on the walls of which allegorical images are applied. The baroque facade of the church is organically combined with the adjacent buildings. Brothers architects managed to harmoniously connect painting, architecture, plastic in a small two-story space of the church.


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Topic: Azamkirche in Germany, Munich resort.Azamkirche in Germany, Munich resort

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