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Siida in Finland

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ImageSiida is an exhibition center in Inari on the shores of Lake Inarijarvi, Finland, opened in 1998. The Saami Museum and the Upper Lapland Nature Center, founded in 1959, operate within the exhibition center. Plans to create a Sami museum appeared as early as 1945, during the Sami evacuation to Ostrobothnia during the Lapland War. But measures to create it were taken several years later. The Sami Museum was opened in 1959. Initially, the activities of this museum were supported only by the Saami Council of Finland. It was an open-air museum before the opening of the Siida Exhibition Center. The first Sami dwellings were moved to the museum in 1960. Siida Exhibition Center, designed by Juhani Pallasmaa, was opened in April 1998. The activities of the Sami Museum are aimed at maintaining the cultural identity of the Sami. There are three expositions on the territory of the exhibition center: permanent exhibitions in the open air and indoors, various changing exhibitions. The open-air exposition covers an area of 7 hectares and operates in summer. There are about fifty different objects here: Sami dwellings, forest burials, river dams and other buildings. The indoor exhibition demonstrates the peculiarities of Lapland's nature and the culture of its inhabitants for thousands of years. The permanent exhibition presents various collections, in particular a collection of photographs, a library and archival collections. The selection of exhibits was based on the principles of ecological culture. The subjects of temporary exhibitions are varied - these are art, cultural and historical, Within Siida, the Upper Lapland Nature Center operates - one of the ten nature centers of the Finnish General Forestry Administration. It provides professional assistance to those wishing to visit the taiga regions of Lapland. Tourists in the center are issued appropriate permits, information brochures about natural sites, tourist routes and houses. Siida has a conference room where a variety of events are held: meetings, scientific and cultural seminars and conferences, concerts. There is also a northern cuisine restaurant and a gift shop at the exhibition center. The Upper Lapland Nature Center and the Sami Museum have combined their expositions and knowledge to create a completely new emotionally rich information package. Siida's exhibitions demonstrate how the Sami have adapted to life in the north of the country. Here you can see photos, videos, dioramas with samples of flora and fauna. ImageImageImageImageImage

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