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Eureka in Finland

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ImageEureka is a science museum in Vantaa, near Helsinki. The museum was opened in 1989, and at that time it was the only such scientific center in Scandinavia. Today it is the leading science museum in Scandinavia. In the building of the scientific museum, on the territory adjacent to it, more than a hundred exhibits are displayed explaining various laws of physics. Here there are both simple and easily explained, and complex theorems and experiments that have not yet been theoretically explained. Any visitor to the museum can take part in experiments, watch a film in the planetarium. On the territory of the museum there is an arboretum and a collection of minerals of Finland. There is also a cafe and gift shop. The science museum complex includes three pavilions and the Galilei Science Park. One of the pavilions is cylindrical. It houses the central exposition, laboratories for children, children's Eureka with a rat basketball and the Minerva theater. The columnar pavilion contains classic exhibits, various illusions: air cannons, a flying carpet, rope blocks on which a car can be lifted. In the columnar pavilion and the third, spherical, temporary exhibitions are held. The open-air science park has an Archimedes screw, a windmill, swings and bridges. ImageImageImageImage

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