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Bottle Museum in Thailand, Pattaya Resort

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This museum is the only such museum in the world - here in three hundred different bottles are various miniatures. The museum is visited by thousands of tourists every year, but residents often visit it too. Thailand.

The idea of the museum belongs to a Dutch sculptor and artist Peter Bedela. To implement this idea, he, together with the Thai Prapaisi Taipanich worked 15-16 hours a day for almost 15 years. Today their fruits titanic labor can be seen in this museum. In addition to the exhibits created initially, the collection of the museum contains other curiosities that are brought here from different countries. A collection from Coca-Cola recently appeared in the museum.

To a greater extent, of course, the museum is famous for its contents bottles, not their appearance. Here you can see a statue of Buddha in bottles, Thai houses, the Eiffel Tower, German farms with small mills, and many other attractions or typical buildings from different times and peoples.
Bottles with exhibits are located in several rooms with different lighting and colors bottles are also different, which creates a very special experience of visiting museum. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Bottle Museum in Thailand, Pattaya Resort.Bottle Museum in Thailand, Pattaya Resort

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