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British Library in the UK, London Resort

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The British Library is one of the largest, most modern and luxurious libraries in the world. In terms of the number of storage units, it is second only to the American Library of Congress. The abode of knowledge has its own fund, which includes more than ten million books, over 900 thousand titles of periodicals, about 60 million patents, several million audio recordings and a large collection of old incunabula.

The National Library of Great Britain appeared in the 18th century thanks to Sir Hans Sloan, who collected ancient Latin and Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. Monarch George II approved this undertaking and granted the new book collection a collection of books from the royal library, and with this the right to provide the library with a copy of every book published in the country. In the 19th century, the library collection was replenished with books by George III, after which a magnificent reading room was opened. In the 20th century, ancient manuscripts, printed books, herbalistic texts and other exceptional collections were added to the collection of the depository.

The main building of the library is located near St. Pancras. It is divided into 17 sections, which contain materials on America, Africa, Australia and Asia, as well as manuscripts, periodicals, geographical maps, stamps and audio archives. In addition, there are specialized reading rooms where you can take notes, rare editions of books, scientific and business literature for familiarization.

Among the most interesting copies of publications in the British Library are the 13th century Magna Carta, which proclaims the main principle of legislative British systems, the only manuscript copy of the 10th century epic Beowulf and even the Beatles lyrics.

On request, the national library can provide magazines, dissertations and many books. In addition to this, not so long ago, an online library catalog has appeared, where you can read digitized newspapers, rare publications and ordinary books. So from any gadget, you can now flip through the pages of lifetime editions of the plays of William Shakespeare, the Gutenberg Bible - the oldest printed book in Europe, as well as the"Diamond Sutra" - the oldest book that was published in China in the eighth century AD.

Library search systems are constantly being improved, which clearly demonstrates the need to develop library systems along with modern technologies.

Among other things, the library conducts various courses, which teach how to properly"heal" old worn out books and save the life of printed publications. Exhibitions, where you can learn about science fiction, research, the role of maps and much more, also help to discover the richness of the book collection.

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