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Poets' Corner in Great Britain, London Resort

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Poets' Corner - part of Westminster South Transept abbey, which was the traditional burial place of poets, writers and playwrights. The last events were held here in 2009 and 2011 - these are was the installation of a memorial stone dedicated to the founders of the Royal ballet, and the installation of a plaque in memory of Elizabeth Gaskell, and installation of a plaque in honor of Ted Hughes, a British poet.

Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to be buried in Poets' Corner - in 1400. Interestingly, Chaucer got here largely due to the participation in the construction of Westminster Palace as a foreman, rather than a writer career. The Chaucer Monument was erected in 1556. Second burial appeared here already in 1599, two hundred years after the first. Edmund Spencer was buried only a few yards from Chaucer. This is how the tradition was born - to bury poets and writers in the south aisle of Westminster Abbey. Co over time, memorial plaques, stones and tablets dedicated to to literary men not even buried here. The last burial was made in 1989 - it was the British actor Laurence Olivier. After his funeral, it was it is announced that the tomb is full.

To this day, it is unclear by what criteria were selected writers buried in Poets' Corner. For example, such eminent and canon writers like Jonathan Swift, Elizabeth Browning, Samuel Coleridge they were not honored to be buried in Westminster Abbey.
In the Corner Poets buried M.E.Bose, R. Browning, R. Cumberland, C. Dickens, D. Dryden, T. Hardy, G. Irving, R. Kipling, R. Stapleton, M. Steele; installed monuments to D. Austin, W. Blake, sisters Bronte, J.G. Byron, L. Carroll, O. Goldsmith, H.W. Longfellow, D. Milton, W. Scott, W. Shakespeare and many others. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Poets' Corner in Great Britain, London Resort.Poets' Corner in Great Britain, London Resort

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