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Martinsturm Tower in Austria, Bregenz Spa

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The Martinstrum Tower, located in the old part of Bregenz, is a popular landmark and symbol of the city.

The construction of the tower, according to scientists, dates back to the 14th century , however, it acquired its present appearance at the beginning of the 17th century. The vault of the tower, made in the Baroque style, was built later. The architectural appearance of the tower shows the influence of the Moorish style – This is evidenced by the facades, created in muted colors, and the windows, made in the Venetian style.

On the ground floor of the building, you can see the chapel of St. Martin, decorated with Gothic frescoes dating from the 14th century (before our only 30 frescoes survived). There are also other church relics – image of Christ, a figurine of the Madonna and Child, a statue of St. Martin, portraits of members of the Monfort family, thanks to which the chapel was built. In our time, the chapel of the Martinstrum Tower – a popular place for baptism and weddings.

The upper floors of the building houses a military museum, in which the main part of the exposition is represented by ancient weapons, military uniforms, as well as historical documents.

The tower's observation deck offers an amazing view of the city and the lake.


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Topic: Martinsturm Tower in Austria, Bregenz Spa.Martinsturm Tower in Austria, Bregenz Spa

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