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Rollett Museum in Austria, spa Baden

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Rollettmuseum is one of the main attractions of Baden.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the local authorities announced a competition for the best design of the Town Hall. Architect Josef Schmidt won the competition. The construction of the Renaissance building began in April 1905. Construction work continued for seven years. At the end of the work, the building was closed for some time.

In August of the same year, Archduke Rainer occupied the building for business and trade. The building also housed shoe workshops and the city archive.

In June 1914, a museum was housed in the building. The grand opening was attended by residents of Vienna and representatives of Austrian museums. The museum closed after a few months. In May 1926, the museum opened its doors to the public again.

The collection of Anton Rollett, a writer, physician and naturalist, formed the basis of the museum's exposition. The collection contains botanical, zoological, artistic, ethnographic and historical content.

During the Second World War, the museum building was seriously damaged. Reconstruction work began in 1957. Two years later, the museum was reopened.

Nowadays, the museum displays exhibits that tell about the history of the city, early history, the history of the primitive community, as well as geology, zoology and mineralogy. Particularly interesting is the Gall ’ sche skull collection, collected in 1825 by Franz Josef Gall.

The rich collection of the museum includes 119 busts, 20 wax models, 78 skulls, as well as the death mask of Napoleon the First. The museum also houses a collection of African busts and a cast of Ferdinand Raimund's skull.


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Topic: Rollett Museum in Austria, spa Baden.Rollett Museum in Austria, spa Baden

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