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Royal Armories UK, Leeds Resort

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ImageThe Royal Armories is the oldest national museum in Great Britain and one of the oldest museums in the world, which keeps an extensive collection of armor and weapons within its walls. The museum includes three large collections: firearms, edged weapons and armor, artillery. These collections are located in three cities: the Fort Nelson Artillery Museum in Portsmouth, the Leeds Armory, and the Tower of London branch that originally housed the weapons and armor collection. A small part of the collection is located in Louisville, USA. The Armory has existed in the Tower almost from the moment of its foundation. It housed a collection of weapons, made armor for the kings of England. This place looked more like a treasury than a museum. In the 17th century, Charles II opened the Armory to the public. In the 19th century, the exposition was restructured. The museum has organized logical, historically accurate exhibitions, demonstrating the development of arms business. The museum's funds grew, in 1988 the artillery collection was moved to Port Nelson in Portsmouth. In 1990, a place for most of the Armory was set aside in Leeds. Only exhibits related to the history of the fortress remained in the Tower. The Royal Armories branch in Leeds has five galleries - Military, Hunting, Tournament, East, Self Defense Gallery and Steel Hall. It contains samples of weapons from all eras and countries. One of the main goals of the museum is organizational and educational work. The Armory is working with the police to make life better and safer. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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