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St James's Park in the UK, resort of London

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Take a break from the noise of the metropolis among the greenery of mighty plane trees, see the British Treasury Secretary who came out to breathe before the report, see the royal sights - all this can be done in St James's Park.

Park St. James was built in the early 16th century, which makes it the oldest of all the royal parks in London. It got its name thanks to St. James, whose leper colony was previously located in this place. Henry VIII, who acquired the park for the treasury, used it as a place for entertainment, in particular, hunting. It was convenient to get to him at once from three palaces - St. James's Palace, Whitehall and Westminster.

Charles II, who was a fan of the French Versailles, brought flower beds to the"green belt" alleys and an islet of waterfowl. Under this ruler, Saint James became available to all classes. The park acquired its modern look in the 19th century, when the old canal from time to time turned into a natural lake, and the architect John Nash changed the layout, adding romantic gardens and lawns to St. James's Park.

St. James Park has what to see today. The area of 23 hectares is inhabited by about 15 species of different waterfowl and other animals. The famous St. James Lake has become a haven for ducks, geese, proud swans and pelicans, which were once settled here by the Russian ambassador. You can ride on the lake by boat or catamaran.

You can appreciate the landscape by climbing the bridge in the northern part of the lake. From the graceful bridge, you can see the duck island and the rooftops of neighboring historic buildings.

The western shore of the lake is occupied by Nash flower beds. They are planted with dwarf trees, shrubs, fragrant geraniums, chrysanthemums and daisies. Not far from here grow rose bushes, planted for the 80th birthday of the Queen. The Horseshoe Fountain is also nearby.

On the southern shore of St. James's Lake, there is the Birdcage Alley with ancient plane trees. Once upon a time, kings raised birds here. Having reached the end of the alley, tourists will see the barracks of the Guards Brigade, built in the era of the late Regency, sculptures"Greek Boy", the stairs of the Cockfighting, Queen Anne's gate and the surrounding houses of the 18th century.

In addition to natural attractions, it is interesting to see here memorial and parade ground for the Horse Guards. The sculptural group of the Guard Memorial is cast from metal, molten German guns of the First World War.

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Topic: St James's Park in the UK, resort of London.St James's Park in the UK, resort of London

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