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Lough Ney in the UK, Northern Ireland resort

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ImageLough Ney is the largest lake in the UK, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe. In fact, Northern Ireland owns only 90% of the lake's area, its southern part is already on Irish territory. Lough Ney is called the main freshwater area near Belfast, although the city is distant at a fairly decent distance of 30 kilometers. Despite the shallow depth - a maximum of 31 meters - there are a lot of wells for the intake of drinking water, which is also used for industrial purposes. As for tourism, travel to the lake is consistently popular among guests from other countries. For a walk along the shore, it is advised to choose a clear day, since during the period of rains and strong winds, the smooth surface of the lake can become the site of a real storm. Regardless of the choice of the observation point to start the excursion, this place will be distinguished by stunning views of both austere and unique Irish nature. In spring, on the shores of the lake, you can see white swans arriving from wintering grounds. The local legend about the origin of the lake again brings us back to the national hero of Ireland - Finn, also known as Fingal. The action of the legend dates back to the period of regular battles between the Irish and Scottish tribes. Finn, as in most legends, appears here as a mighty hero, able to control nature. According to an old legend, Lake Lough Ney arose on the spot where Finn took a piece of land to bring it to Scotland. The land did not reach Scotland, but fell in the place where the famous Isle of Man is now located, this explains its origin. In addition to national legends, Loch Nei became famous for much darker stories. Over the decades of study, archaeologists from all over the world have found confirmation that there were several dozen pagan altars around the lake, where the ancient inhabitants of this land worshiped a variety of deities. In addition, it has been documented that in the Middle Ages, on the shore of the lake, priests carried out executions of heretics, which could not but affect the reputation of this place. Paranormal lovers from all over the world come here to record something unusual. Inhabitants of the surrounding towns and villages do not like the lake's reputation too much and try not to give reasons for stories in dubious magazines. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Lough Ney in the UK, Northern Ireland resort.Lough Ney in the UK, Northern Ireland resort

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