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Port of Liverpool in the UK, Liverpool resort

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ImagePort of Liverpool is an ensemble of buildings in the port of the city of Liverpool, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The complex includes several structures on the port square. The port of Liverpool is an iconic port of the time of Great Britain's global influence. The first part of the architectural ensemble is the so-called"Three Graces", the administrative buildings of the Port of Liverpool Building, Liver Building and Cunard Building. They represent the city's heyday and the days when it was one of the largest and most important ports in the world. The second row of buildings includes the Ventilation Tower and fragments of the George Dock wall. There are also several monuments here, among them - monuments to the machinists and mechanics of the"Titanic". To the south of the"Three Graces" there is a complex of port and storage facilities Albert Dock, built in 1846. At that time it was the first fire-safe warehouse complex: only concrete, brick and metal were used in its construction. The first hydraulic cranes were tested at Albert Dock. Today, these buildings house museums - the Maritime Museum, the Beatles History Museum and the Tate Gallery's Liverpool branch. The next part of the harbor complex is Stanley Dock, a system of quays, docks and port facilities. This complex includes the oldest operating docks in the city and several interesting buildings, including the Tobacco Warehouse, one of the largest brick buildings in the world. Nearby, in the Duke Street and Rope Works area, is the world's first loading dock and the oldest building in central Liverpool, the Bluecoat Chambers. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Port of Liverpool in the UK, Liverpool resort.Port of Liverpool in the UK, Liverpool resort

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