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Sarkaniemi Amusement Park in Finland, Tampere Resort

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Sarkaniemi Amusement Park is one of the largest amusement parks in Finland, occupying a peninsula on Lake Nasijarvi. A walk through the park with visits to attractions and museums can take an entire day.

The amusement park and attractions consists of a dolphinarium, aquarium, planetarium, zoo, amusement park, Sarah Museum of Art Hilden and the towers of Nasinneula. There are numerous restaurants and cafes, and among them a panoramic restaurant in the tower of Nasinneula on height 124 meters. In 2013, it is planned to open a new thematic zone - Dog Hill, dedicated to characters from popular fairy tales by Finnish author Mauri Kunnasa.

The Sarkaniemi Aquarium was opened in 1969. IN an aquarium with a total volume of about 550 thousand liters, representatives of more than 200 live species of fish and waterfowl. On the lower floor of the aquarium there is an aquaterrarium with a mangrove zone, in which an imitation is carried out every half hour tropical thunderstorm. Argus fish live here, silver monodactylus, striped sprayers, green labeos, gourami, ball fish and other marine inhabitants.

In 1985 a dolphinarium was opened. It is the most northerly and in the world and the only dolphinarium in Finland. Five live here bottlenose dolphins. One issue is being prepared within a month and during this time artists master the real wonders of acrobatics.

The planetarium appeared in the amusement park in 1969. The performance lasts about 25 minutes and is accompanied by a commentary in Russian or English. The multimedia programs are updated annually. Besides other things, since 2010 they have shown a program that goes beyond the topic space, cartoon about fish"Fascinating coral reef".

Nyasinneula Tower is a must-see place. Here is an amazing revolving restaurant at an altitude of 124 meters, and from its observation deck you can see not only the entire amusement park, but also surroundings of the city of Tampere.

The amusement park today has 35 different attractions, including for the smallest visitors. The greatest interest presents"Tornado" - extreme roller coaster, motorcycle"MotoGee", giant swinging snowboard"Half Pipe","Descent on the rapids", Carousel-Carmels and others.

More than 200 people live in the Sarkaniemi Children's Zoo animals, most of which can be petted. Also here you can ride   riding a pony or in a wagon drawn by a pony. In addition, the zoo has inflatable trampolines, playground with swings, slides and houses.

The Sarah Hilden Museum of Art presents a collection of objects of contemporary art. Here are works of both Finnish and foreign authors. In addition, there are various temporary Exhibitions.

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