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Tiffany show in Thailand, Pattaya resort

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The Tiffany Show is the world's most famous transvestite show. It began in 1974 with a transvestite group of only three people who got together to surprise tourists with a colorful performance. Now almost no trip to Thailand is complete without visiting this show with hundreds of actors and extremely high-level performances.

The Tiffany Show differs from the equally famous Alcazar show in that the former tries to please tourists more - here you can hear jazz or even Russian songs. Overall, however, the Tiffany Show also aims to show performances that illustrate the national history of Thailand or China. Usually a performance is divided into four independent parts, each of which uses modern special effects and unique musical accompaniment. After the show with the transvestite actors participating in the show, you can take pictures. It should be noted that even the most picky viewer is usually amazed at the beauty and harmony of the actors.

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Topic: Tiffany show in Thailand, Pattaya resort.Tiffany show in Thailand, Pattaya resort

Author: Kelly Costine