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Zoo in Thailand, Phuket Resort

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This small zoo was opened in the Chalong area in 1997. It covers an area of 5 hectares. Tropical plants and flowers grow here, and animals roam freely in enclosures.

The zoo constantly hosts interesting shows with the participation of animals. The show with crocodiles – trainers lie on the backs of crocodiles, put their heads in their mouths and pull the animals by the tail. After the show, you can take a picture with a crocodile and even sit on their back.

There is a special school for teaching monkeys on the territory of the zoo. Some of its alumni perform in the monkey show: solve problems, pose and ride bicycles.

The stone head of the alligator is the entrance to an aquarium with exotic marine life.  

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Topic: Zoo in Thailand, Phuket Resort.Zoo in Thailand, Phuket Resort

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