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Tsunami Museum in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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Tsunami Museum is located in the part of Indonesia the island of Sumatra, in the city of Banda Aceh, which in 2004 was shaken by a terrible tsunami force caused by the strongest earthquake in the Indian Ocean. Tsunami destroyed most of the city and claimed the lives of 130 thousand people. In memory of this tragic event, a museum was erected in the city, the building of which was designed famous Indonesian architect Ridwana Kamil and represents four-storey building with gently rounded walls covered with original relief geometric images. The roof of the museum resembles a wave, and the narrow the dark corridor, through which visitors enter the back, symbolizes fear and panic during a natural disaster. The surface of the walls inside the museum is covered with images of people dancing adobe - the ancient dance of the people of Aceh, performance which, according to legend, is able to drive away any misfortune.

The museum exposition includes video and photo archives, an electronically simulated earthquake propagation model, and testimonies of the surviving residents of the city. In a designated place lists the names of all tsunami victims. The Tsunami Museum not only gives a complete an idea of the scale of the tragedy that occurred, but it is also inexhaustible a source of information about a formidable natural phenomenon. Acekh Tsunami Museum - one one of the few institutions providing regular briefings in case of repetition natural disaster, in addition, the building is designed so that it is a real refuge and can become an evacuation center in an emergency.

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Topic: Tsunami Museum in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort.Tsunami Museum in Indonesia, Sumatra Resort

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