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Trinity College UK, Cambridge Resort

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ImageTrinity College is one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge (there are 31 of them). If you count both students and teachers, this college has more people than any other college in Cambridge and Oxford. However, the number of students studying here is less than at Homerton College, Cambridge University. Trinity College has a very good reputation - most of the members of the royal family studied here: King Edward VII, King George VI, Prince Henry and Prince Charles. The college has a strong academic tradition; in total, Trinity College employees have received 31 Nobel Prizes. Among the famous alumni, in addition to members of the royal dynasty, F. Bacon, I. Newton, Bertrand Russell, Byron and Vladimir Nabokov. Trinity College was created in 1546 by King Henry VIII by the merger of two former colleges, King's Hall and Michaelhouse. During this period, the king secularized the monastic and ecclesiastical lands, and the universities of Cambridge and Oxford were wealthy enough to become targets of his persecution. Henry VIII passed a law giving him the right to confiscate the property of any college. The University of Cambridge turned to Catherine Parr, the king's wife, who convinced him not to close colleges, but to create a new one. Then the king ordered the formation of Trinity College, created on the basis of several boarding houses and old colleges. Most of the buildings of the college were built in the XVI-XVII centuries. Thomas Neuville, who took over the college in 1593, rebuilt the existing buildings and erected new ones. In addition, he expanded the Great Courtyard, built a new Courtyard (Neville's Courtyard) between the Kem River and the Great Courtyard. Neville's courtyard was completed in the late 17th century when Christopher Wren, a renowned architect, built the Wren Library. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Trinity College UK, Cambridge Resort.Trinity College UK, Cambridge Resort

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