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Cathedral in Finland, Porvoo resort

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Cathedral - a temple in the Finnish city of Porvoo, built in the middle of the 15th century on the site of   another old religious building. The temple was named after the Virgin Mary. Until the 18th century, the temple was set on fire several times. It was also robbed and destroyed by numerous invaders of the city. The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary received the status of a cathedral in 1723, after Vyborg passed to Russia at the end of the Northern War.

For Finland, this cathedral is of great importance, it was in it in the spring of 1809 that Emperor Alexander I announced the assignment of the status of an autonomous Grand Duchy to Finland and annexation to the Russian Empire. It was here, in this church, that Finnish statehood was born.

The last large-scale restoration work was carried out in the Porvoo Cathedral in 2008. The temple was rebuilt after a fire and consecrated anew. From that moment on, divine services, wedding ceremonies, christenings and other events are regularly held in the temple. The temple, the interior of which is designed in the form of a ship, is designed for 800 people.

Today, every Thursday, the Cathedral hosts summer music concerts, on Tuesdays and Thursdays - short lectures on organ music, and every year on August 25, the"Night of Music" is held.

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Topic: Cathedral in Finland, Porvoo resort.Cathedral in Finland, Porvoo resort

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