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Pultney Bridge in Bath, UK

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ImagePulteney Bridge is a three-arch bridge over the River Avon in Bath, UK. The bridge was built from Bath stone in 1769-1773. The bridge received its name in honor of the wife of Sir William Pulteney, who owned the village of Baswick, separated from Bath by a wide river. The construction work was carried out under the supervision of Robert Adam, who developed the project. He focused on the famous bridges: the Rialto in Venice and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Initially, on both sides of the bridge there were rooms adapted for shops. However, in its original form, the bridge did not stand even for twenty years. In 1792, soon after the death of Robert Adam, work began on the reconstruction of the bridge, aimed at increasing the number of retail outlets near it. And seven years later, in 1799, there was a flood that destroyed the northern half of the bridge. Pulteney Bridge is automobile; in 2009 it was announced that the bridge would be made completely pedestrian, but this has not yet been done. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Pultney Bridge in Bath, UK.Pultney Bridge in Bath, UK

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