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Merseyside Maritime Museum, UK, Liverpool Resort

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ImageThe Merseyside Maritime Museum is Liverpool's maritime museum that tells the story of the city as the largest and most important seaport in the UK and Europe. The museum was opened in 1980 in the historic buildings of Albert Dock, a former warehouse complex, the complex of which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are several floors and corresponding expositions: one exposition in the basement hall is devoted to smuggling at sea and the fight against it, the tricks of smugglers and the dexterity of customs officers; the second is dedicated to the lives of emigrants who left the port of Liverpool in thousands in search of a better life. On the ground floor, there is an exposition that tells about the history, development and modernity of the port of Liverpool, one of the most significant ports in the world. A separate exposition tells about the most famous ships that were assigned to this port:"Titanic","Empress of Ireland" and"Lusitania". A separate room in the Merseyside Museum displays artwork, including graphics, painting, sculpture, and more, dedicated to the sea, life and fishing at sea. Among other things, the museum is equipped with a playroom called"sea prankster" for the youngest visitors to the expositions. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Merseyside Maritime Museum, UK, Liverpool Resort.Merseyside Maritime Museum, UK, Liverpool Resort

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