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Peterborough Cathedral, UK

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ImageCathedral in Peterborough in England is dedicated to the apostles Peter, Paul and Andrew and is located, as the name implies, in the city of Peterborough. This is one of the brightest and largest cathedrals in the country, built in the Anglo-Norman style and has unique Romanesque interiors. The Benedictine church that once stood on this site was founded in 655 by King Peda of Mercia. It was destroyed by the Danes. Later, another church was created, but it burned down very soon. And finally, the temple was completed by 1238. However, he was then far from the appearance that we can observe today. Gradually, by the 16th century, it acquired a number of Gothic architectural features. Therefore, for example, the West facade differs from other semicircular arches. The cathedral was not significantly damaged during the Reformation, however, Cromwell's soldiers severely destroyed it, destroying many stained glass windows, sculptures, even the altar. Later, the chapel of the Mother of God was almost completely dismantled by the locals. The Victorian era saw restoration work led by George Gilbert Scott. The building was put in order and restored. Two English queens are buried in Peterborough Cathedral: Catherine of Aragon and the infamous Mary Stuart, who was executed in 1587. However, the latter was reburied at Westminster Abbey. Today, services are regularly held in the cathedral, and the bishop's pulpit is still located here. Exhibitions, concerts and even school picnics are regularly organized here. Traditional choral concerts attract wide attention.

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