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Hatta in the UAE, Dubai resort

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Hatta is a village located at the foot of Al-Hajar Mountain at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level. The village is located 105 kilometers from the city of Dubai.

The first settlements on this place appeared 2-3 thousand years ago. Currently, Hatta consists of 30 houses, which are traditional for these places, but have quite striking differences from each other. In addition to residential buildings, tourists can see the Juma mosque, which was built in 1780, and the old fort.

The landscape of the"colored mountains" opening from the village is especially beautiful, as well as the"wadi" riverbeds of mountain streams, which are drying up at a given time. The main attraction for tourists is a jeep tour of the"wadi".

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Topic: Hatta in the UAE, Dubai resort.Hatta in the UAE, Dubai resort

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